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Before generating the final merged job/panel output, is there a quick way to add in seperate vias or pads with a drill hole?

We need 4 of these on each corner of the final panel to act as alignment markers or our CNC drill. The four pads need to be visible in the top and bottom gerber layer as we drill these marker pads visually AFTER exposing and etching the laminate.
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Yes. The best thing to do is add these items to the Panel Setup - (i.e. automate the placement of these objects).  However if you wish to add manually add in seperate vias or pads with a drill hole, perform the following:

1. Display your final panel, then go to menu: Window | NC Editor Mode.
Note: This will place FAB 3000 into NC editor mode, so you can add drill holes and/or routs, etc.
2. Go to menu: Add | Drill Hit
Note: Make sure the active layer is a Drill layer, and that you have chosen the drill hole size you want to use. 
Note: To add drill hole sizes, goto menu: Setup | NC Tools Table...
3. Place your drill holes.
4. Then export the drill file, and you'll be fine.

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