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Draw to Flash, how does it work compared to other CAM tools?

FAB 3000 comes with three different draw to flash tools:  Automatic, Interactive, and Selective.  

Automatic:   (menu: Tools / Convert To / Draw to Flash (Automatic)
You select all "drawn pads of a particular shape (for instance a rectangle)", and then FAB 3000 will convert everything selected to individual flashed rectangular pads, (repeat for Oblongs, etc.).  Say for instance that you had an entire paste layer that consisted of drawn rectangles.  Simply select all the drawn rectangles (with one window), and the goto menu: Tools | Convert To | Automatic..., select rectangle as the shape; and then FAB 3000 will convert every drawn rectangle to flashed rectangle in one step.  Automatic also works well if you are using the "Selection Filter" and selection Multiple features, etc.

Interactive:  (menu: Tools / Convert To / Draw to Flash (Interactive)
The one closer to other CAM tools probably is "Interactive", where you select all objects that make up a certain pad.  Then go to menu:  Tools | Convert To | Interactive, review options (make sure "Apply to All" is checked and then FAB 3000 will scan all active layers for similar pads and flash them), plus rotated pads.

Selective:   (menu: Tools / Convert To / Draw to Flash (Selective)
Select all objects that represent similar shapes, and assign their shape type.  FAB 3000 will group all objects that touch, determine each overall width/height, and use the shape you assign.  Select works very quickly in large groups.  Say for instance there are 1000 drawn rectangular pads (all different sizes), and 500 oblong pads (all different sizes).  Select all draws used to represent rectangular pads and then use Draw to Flash: Selective -- this will convert all to rectangle flashes (all sizes).  Then select all draws used to represent oblong pads and then use Draw to Flash: Selective -- this will convert all to oblong flashes (all sizes).
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