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My arcs don't appear correctly after gerber import. What should I do?

Most likely you may need to change the Gerber Import Option:  "Use 360 Degree Arcs as Default".   By default this feature should be 'unchecked', because gerber specifications state that default arc interpretation is quadrant arcs.  However many PCB CAD software will generate gerbers and just assume using 360 Arcs without defining a required G75 code.  Check "Use 360 Degree Arcs as Default" to let FAB 3000 assume 360 arcs during import.  

Or you may need to 'Uncheck' "Use 360 Degree Arcs as Default" if it was previously 'checked'.  This allows FAB 3000 to interpret default arcs as quadrant.

Where to change "Use 360 Degree Arcs as Default":
1. During Gerber Import (menu: File | Import | Gerber...) after selecting gerber files to import, press Button "Gerber Options", and make the change.
2. During AutoLoad (menu: File | Import | AutoLoad...), press button "Format Settings...", click table Gerber, and make the change.

Important:  FAB 3000 will automatically detect this issue while importing, and prompt you if you wish to use 360 Degree Arcs.
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