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During gerber import, I get the warning message "Invalid Gerber Quadrant Arc". What does this mean?

FAB 3000 is stating that there is an invalid quadrant arc defined in the gerber file.  This is common, as many PCB CAD software output gerber files that are not to RS-274 specifications (and it is up to the CAM software to interpret their true intentions).  FAB 3000 converts those Quadrant Arcs (which violated the quadrant rule) as 360 degree arcs which can span the scope of a single quadrant.  A warning message will inform the user of the location of these arcs. Your gerber file(s) have loaded fine, however as a precaution we always recommend that you carefully review your gerber files - especially in areas where warnings have been assigned.

Technical Explanation:
The reason for the Gerber import warning, was that the imported gerber file probably called for a Quadrant Arc G74 (this means an arc must completely reside inside one of the four quadrants), however one or more arcs were fractionally outside of the quadrant (thus violating the quadrant rule) - and that's what caused the bad arcs warning.
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