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During editing, how do I enter in exact coordinates when moving objects?

FAB 3000 supports both RELATIVE and ABSOLUTE coordinates in all editing commands.

During Move, Copy, or similar commands - FAB 3000 will first ask for a base point.  If you're using relative coordinates it can be anything such as 0,0 or just picking any point on the screen.  When prompted for the "Displacement", is where you're able to implement the relative coordinates.  

Note:  To use relative coordinates, please make sure to only use the @ when prompted for "Displacement".


Relative coordinates start with the character '@'. There are 2 formats for Relative Coordinates: Offset and Polar

OFFSET:     @X,Y
POLAR:    @Distance<Angle

 See Examples:
@4.5,2 : Moves selection 4.5 to the right, and 2 up
@-3,-3 : Moves selection 3 to the left, and 3 down.
@4<33 : Moves selection a distance of 4 at 33 degrees.

Here's a quick tutorial movie, using Copy with Polar relative coordinates for the destination.

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