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Duirng ODB++ import Fab3000 seems to get stuck at 16%. What is it doing?

If during ODB++ import Fab3000 seems slow or appears to get stuck, there is only on reason: ODB++ Surfaces.

ODB++ has a complex object called a "surface".  Essentially it is an outer polygon with hundreds (or thousands) of inner islands/holes (clear) and inner metal regions (dark) all of which composes one ODB++ surface. Primarily used for Ground planes.  If the inner boundaries are defined in a clockwise fashion than they are considered islands/holes (which appear clear), if the boundary is counter-clockwise the are metal.  While this proves to be very efficient for Valor's purposes, Gerber doesn't support "surfaces" or those ODB++ "fill" rules, so when Fab3000 loads the ODB++ it needs to construct polygons.

Note: The ODB++ surface is similar to a Solid Hatch in AutoCAD.

To speed up the conversion process, please perform the following:
1. Start Fab3000, and go to Options (menu: File | Setup | Options...). 
2. Click the tab "Default Values",  and uncheck "Optimize Polygons during Import".
3. Click OK and proceed with the ODB++ import.

Note: Please be patient. Depending on the complexity of the ODB++ surfaces, it may take Fab3000 several minutes during ODB++ import to convert the surfaces to polygons.
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