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I have several polygons, and I need the interior polygons to be clear (ie. a hole). How do I do this?

Use De-Embedding. This Solves the polygon-inside-of-polygon problem.

Note: De-Embedding works on all objects (like flashes & traces) not just polygons.  However an object must be completely inside another object to be made a hole (i.e. clear).
Note: De-Embedding does not have any effect on Inserts. If you need to use De-Embedding on objects inside an Insert, open the parent Job for the insert and follow the instructions below.

Command Sequence

1. Select Objects.

Note: For more information about object selection see Viewing & Selection Basics

2. Select menu: Edit  | De-Embed...

3. Object Composite Levels will be automatically defined.

Note: Objects must reside on the same layer.

4. If the command is incorrect, you may Undo
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