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I am having trouble importing a scanned PNG monochrome file (at 1200 DPI) that I want to convert to gerber. What should I do?

When converting from scanned data there is no automated process that works perfectly every time, because the translation always relies on the quality of the original file.  In some cases the translation runs smoothly, and in some cases editing may be required. For best results, please perform the following: 

1. Monochrome bitmaps (1-bit) perform the best. PNG files are smaller but are not optimized for quick loading.  Open PNG file using a Graphics tool and save it as a monochrome bitmap. 

2. Then start FAB 3000 and import the Monochrome bitmap. 
Note: It generally takes about 30 to 45 seconds to import the bitmap file. 

3. To export Gerber, goto menu:  File | Export | Gerber... 
Note: To make improvements, you can clean up the gerber by adding polygon or gerber flashes to fill in the holes in the copper areas. 
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