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I need to convert a gerber file to a drill file, but the gerber only contains drawn circles for the drill holes (no flashes).

If you have a gerber file which only contains drawn pads for drills (such as an outlined circle filled as a polygon or drawn with line stroked), please perform the following steps:

**Assuming that you have already imported the gerber file into FAB 3000**

1. Select all drawn pads (that need to be converted to drill).
2. Goto function "Draw to Flash - Automatic". (menu: Tools | Draw to Flash | Automatic...)
3. Change option "Shape for new flashes" to "Circle", and press OK.
FAB 3000 will now automatically create flashes for all drawn pads.  
Note: Flashes are necessary, because they are similar to drill holes in the fact that a center & diameter are defined.
4. Convert Gerber flashes to drill.  ( menu: Fabrication | Drill | Gerber Layer to Drill...)
5. For the option "Gerber Layer", select the layer that contains the flashes you just created in the previous step, review the other options and press OK.

A new drill layer has now been created.  
6. Export that new drill layer to a drill file (menu: File | Export | Drill).
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