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When importing a DXF, it is not using our custom SHX font.

Most DXF files use the standard fonts (*.shx) supplied with AutoCAD and FAB 3000 has matching font files (*.fnt) for all of those.  However in many cases a DXF file may use a custom AutoCAD SHX font (or TrueType font) developed by a third party company, which FAB 3000 does not have a corresponding font file.  In these cases you have two options (1) Map that custom font to another FAB 3000 font (like "txt.fnt")  (2) or, get the custom SHX file (or TrueType TTF file) and compile that font so FAB 3000 may use it (go to menu:  Help | Compile AutoCAD SHX Fonts...); and then proceed with the DXF Import.

Note: When importing a DXF file, you can determine the font mapping by clicking on the tab "Styles".
Note: FAB 3000 Font files have a *.fnt suffix, and are located in the Fab It! fonts folder.
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