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I want to obtain a GERBER or ODB++ file from a scanned film (TIFF, BMP, ...)

FAB 3000 can import images from scanned film and then export as gerber or ODB++.  

Please perform the following:

1.  Import the image files (TIFF, BMP, ...). 
  A. Go to menu:  File | Import | Image...
  B. Verify the pixel - units/scale.
Note:  Image files imported will be as polygon outlines.

2. In most cases, "clean-up" is required.
  A. Convert drawn circles to pads (menu: Tools | Draw to Flash)
  B. Redraw "traces" (menu: Add | Traces ) - if required

3. Export as Gerber or ODB++
  A. Go to menu:  File | Export | Gerber...  
  B. Go to menu: File | Export | ODB++
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