Yes Flexnet keys are generated based on specific server information.  Flexnet keys will not run on a different server.

If your company plans on migrating servers to the cloud, than our Multi-User Activation Code is the perfect solution.  It runs no matter what server or cloud-based server changes have occurred.  With a single activation code easily manage up to 250 engineers worldwide (on any server, anywhere).  This is why some of our major customers prefer to have 100 seat multi-user activation code of tools FAB3000, and ACE 2D/3D Translator which allows them to easily manage up to 250 engineers worldwide.  

Multi-User activation codes are ideal for easy license management of a group of users in a corporate or university environment, and available in increments of 5 users up to 250 total users (5,10,15,20,25,...250, etc.)