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Are you sure we don’t need a different license code? When I tried to login to the license manager it tells me the License confirmation key starts with a LCP. I haven’t received this confirmation key.

Thanks for your question.

The LCP (Online portal key) is sent to the email used during Initial Activation (i.e primary user).     If you have access to that email account you will have received an email with the LCP Key.  If not, please check the spam/junk folder.

Note:  The LCP (Online portal key) is not needed unless you wish to "remove seats".  Was the initial activation just a test, and now you wish to remove that seat? If yes, we can fetch your LCP from the license server.

Typically the first person (primary user) will Activate FAB3000 on their computer, and then repeat those same steps for anyone else who needs to Activate the software.  Whenever employees leave or the max number of activated seats has been exceeded (i.e 5 total) - then they use the online portal to remove/edit the activation code,

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