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Using the new EasyGerb License Manager

The License Manager is a stand-alone application used to activate EasyGerb.  EasyGerb offers several licensing types, so please choose the setup instructions that best meet your license type:  

  • Free Trial License (Single User)
  • Permanent (Single User)
  • Permanent (Multiple-Users up to 500 people)
  • Subscription (Numerical Cloud)

Feel free to contact us for assistance with any license questions.

Free Trial License (Single User)

Important: If you haven't done so yet, please request a free trial license of EasyGerb,

  • (1) Start EasyGerb for AutoCAD 2025.
  • (2) Go to EasyGerb menu:  Help | License Manager...
  • (3) Enter your free trial activation code, create a unique password, and your email address.
  • (4) Press button Activate Now

You will now have a free 7-day trial to fully evaluate the EasyGerb results.

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