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ACE 2D/3D Translator Revision 8.4 (64-bit) Released

 New Features

  • Batch Mode. Automate and Perform multiple conversions simultaneously.
  • DXF Import (Batch Mode). Additional Layer options that can be applied to all Batch conversions.
  • 3D STL Ascii Export. New option to export STL files as Ascii/Text formatted which improves the ability to review all facets.

 Improved Features

  • DXF Import. Spline processing has been improved.
  • ODB++ Import. Matrix detection has been improved.
  • ODB++ Export has been improved.
  • IPC-2581 Import has been improved.
  • IPC-2581 Export has been improved.
  • 3D STL Export options have been simplified.

 Fixed Features

  • NC Import. Import tool numbers with the latest Allegro/Orcad X formatted NC files.
  • 3D STL Export. Fixed an error in the header when prevented some 3D software tools from accurately parsing ACE generated STL files.
  • Plus 15 other minor bug fixes and GUI improvements.

Need more features?  Please let us know by contacting our support team,

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