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What is the difference between admin password and license password? Need to understand this and figure out what we need to do when we activate the licenses.

Thanks for your question.

The License Administrator is typically the User who first activates the License and sets the License Password and the License Email. The Administrator will receive instructions on how to access the License Manager portal and a License Key which is used to authenticate the Administrator on their first access to the License Manager portal.

Note:  If any colleagues/partners need to activate Numerical Cloud on their computer, must enter the exact same: Activation Code, License Password, and Email as the Admin.   Here's more activation details,

 If you are having any license issues (i.e. forgotten password, reached number of users limit, etc.) please contact your Numerical Cloud Admin (i.e the person who first activated on their computer - if that's not you), and they can perform the following tasks:

  • Get/Change Password
  • Get/Change Admin Email (so someone else can be in charge)
  • Remove one or more seats - to free up for other computers.

Typically there's no need for an Admin password unless you need to access the Online License Portal (24/7).  For security purposes, when the Admin first attempts to access the Online Portal they may be prompted to create an Admin Password (we recommend keeping the same as the License pass).   Both passwords ( License and Admin ) are created by the Admin (we do not pre-generate any passwords).

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