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I want to convert my design to DXF. Is it possible to perform [MERGE] only on specified layers?


When exporting to DXF, go to the option:  Entity Output and select "MERGE (Outlines Only)".  This will clean and merge your entire design before exporting to DXF.

However if you only want to Merge specified layers, then I would recommend using the ACE Viewer command:  Convert to Polygons in menu (Tools | Convert | To Polygon).  Please perform the following:

  1. Import Gerber and configure DXF Export.
  2. Review both Import and Export options.
  3. Turn on only layers you wish to perform: Convert to Polygons.
  4. Go to ACE Viewer menu:  Tools | Convert | To Polygon...
  5. Review settings and press OK.
  6. Now return to Convert, and export your DXF.

Here's a tutorial movie demonstrating those steps (no sound),

Thanks again.


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