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Software does not launch after clicking icon.

The topic of ANY Windows application (including our own tools) not starting is normally beyond the software developers support scope.   There is absolutely nothing we have implemented in any software application, to prevent it from starting.

Why?: For the past 15 years, anytime there has been an issue starting software on Windows has always been related to either:

  1. A third party software tool (i.e Firewall / Anti-Virus software / Windows Defender),.
  2. Or IT restrictions due to limited user permission issues; that has prevented Windows software applications (like FAB3000) from running.

We have many support forums, suggestions and links dedicated to the various reasons that Windows software applications (like FAB3000) can be suppressed during starting up -- and none are specifically linked to anything we can alter programmatically.

General Questions:

What firewall software/settings, anti-virus software settings, or user permissions/restrictions does your company implement; that could possibly suppress an application from running normally? Are you creating virtual work environments (compared to traditional laptop/desktop solutions)?

Thank you for the information and I completely understand that supporting these types of no start situations are beyond your teams’ support scope. The issue is that we have ran this on a few other computers and the program runs just fine.

I already vetted out Firewall, Antivirus and permissions. I even tried this under another profile on the machine with same results. I simply wanted to know if you and the team ever seen this type of event application error with the FAB 3000 software:

Could you possibly supply me with a link to the uncompressed installation of this FAB 3000 software? I’m wondering if something during the decompression stage on this particular computer gets corrupted. It would be worth a try. I think my next step after this will be to have the laptop reimaged.

Thanks for getting back to me and including a screen capture.

The error message is clearly stating something is preventing the application (FAB/ACE)  from running properly.  Performing a google search for:  exception code: 0xc0000005 windows    shows similar results (you are experiencing) with someone running Google chrome (the main Windows application of Google),

Unfortunately there's no simple blanket solution;  with each Windows update there are so many unlisted security related modifications (because Windows itself has thousands of security holes), and any new anti-virus/firewall update can randomly decide whether (FAB/ACE), Google Chrome, or any other application is a virus (even if the application has run fine previously for years); and then prevent the application from running.

Note:  Try contacting any other software vendor and tell them the software doesn't run on your company computer.  You will typically receive a "canned answer" with no specific support suggestions, and in the end (you need to determine what caused the issue on your system).  Feel free to try running (FAB/ACE) on a standard laptop not connected to your network (or home computer), and I'm positive it will easily start.

Thanks again.


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