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ACE successfully converts my PDF to DXF, but when opening in CATIA I get an error message saying no file editor selected

To confirm, you're able to convert a PDF to DXF (using ACE Translator), however when you import into Catia there are issues.

1.  Verify CATIA DXF Importer capabilities:

  • Perhaps CATIA may have a limited DXF importer, or it expects only certain DXF entities (like polylines).  You'll have to either contact CATIA technical support, or determine what it requires for DXF import in the help manuals/support forums -- to confirm what DXF entities are imported by CATIA.

Note:  Many major software tools import DXF, but only support limited DXF entities for documentation purposes. 

2. Verify ACE DXF Export Options:

  • What settings were used during DXF Export?  The most common DXF entities are 0-width polylines.  I have included 2 suggestions to use when exporting DXF for CATIA or other 3rd party tools:

Thanks again.

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