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ACE Translator will not start, so I can't enter my activation code.

Does it appear that ACE starts, but then quickly disappears?  If yes, that would be the result of a Firewall or Anti-virus software mistakenly shutting down ACE.  You should be able to add ACE executable (ACE3000-V8_64.exe) to a "Permit or Ignore" list on the firewall/anti-virus to allow ACE to run.


To verify that ACE is being shut down immediately you can view the "Task Manager" - press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and select "task manager".  Then start ACE - if you see "ACE3000-V8_64.exe" appear and then quickly disappear - means that it was shut off externally.  Here's more information explaining this situation,

Before starting ACE you could try Right-Click over the ACE icon (on the desktop) and select "Run as Administrator...".  This usually allows the program to run without interference.


Note: Another possibility is that ACE wasn't able to completely install all files - due to user permission limitations, etc.  We have an "uncompressed" version of the ACE installer that is more friendly to networks with more strict permission requirements.  In your download instructions we usually provide the uncompressed download link for ACE.  If you have your original instructions, please find that link and use it.  After download you have to rename from "ace3000v8.zyx" to:  and then proceed.


Lastly we can create custom builds of ACE to run on any Windows or Linux environment for any customer with Maintenance.


Thanks again, and please let me know your results.

Best regards,


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