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ACE 3000 replaces EasyGerb

  EasyGerb has been replaced with ACE Translator 3000

ACE Translator 3000 will produce similar results as EasyGerb.  ACE will import any AutoCAD DWG or DXF file and export to Gerber (just like EasyGerb). The interface for ACE is also very similar to EasyGerb and ACE can even import the EasyGerb settings file (*.egs), making the transition from EasyGerb simple. 

Note:  The only difference is that you will import the DWG or DXF file into ACE (as demonstrated in the tutorial below).   Here's our DXF/DWG Conversions guidelines,

Here's a quick tutorial demonstrating using ACE Translator 3000 while loading EasyGerb Settings file (*.egs).

Benefits of ACE compared to EasyGerb:

  •  ACE is compatible with "every CAD" tool worldwide since ACE can import "any" DXF and DWG files. EasyGerb only runs inside the Full-Featured AutoCAD version which is quite expensive (thousands $$ every year).
  •  ACE Includes over 150 Translators!  EasyGerb on has only "1" translator (Export Gerber).
  •  ACE Includes a built-in viewer and Gerber editor.  Allowing you to instantly view your conversion results, and perform any editing beforehand if needed.  EasyGerb does not have any Gerber viewer capabilities.
  •  ACE can convert AutoCAD Solid Hatches.  EasyGerb cannot process hatches.
  •  ACE can perform powerful features during DXF/DWG import: such as Join (adjacent lines/arcs) to form closed boundaries.  EasyGerb does not have any Join Features.
  •  ACE can perform Polygon De-Embedding (automatically determine what is dark or clear). EasyGerb does not have De-Embedding.
  •  Learn More About ACE Translator 3000 >>
  •  Learn More About EasyGerb - End of Life >>

For more details, please view the following blog link,

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