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Cannot Import DWG files into ACE?

Please try either suggestion below:

  • Using any CAD tool, save your DWG as DXF; and then import the DXF into ACE.   DXF and DWG files are the same (except DWG is a binary file).


  • Register the ACE DWG converter control on your system.
  1. Click the Windows Start Button >>All programs >>Accessories
  2. Find the "Command Prompt" and right click it to choose "Run as Administrator" option to open the command prompt window
  3. Use the command regsvr32 to register the ActiveConverter64.dll.

Ex.  regsvr32 C:\Numerical Innovations\ACE3000V8_64\binActiveConverter64.dll 

Note: Assuming you have installed ACE into the folder  C:\Numerical Innovations\ACE3000V8_64, if not change the path to whatever folder you have installed ACE.  You can try the following link for more information,

Note: If you're unsuccessful there's not much more we can suggest (other that use DXF instead) because the DWG conversion tool is an Active-X component created by a 3rd party.  Here's their direct link if you're interested in more information about the active X component,

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