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Installation Troubles - Helpful hints

If you're having any installation difficulties, please try the following:

1. Verify User Permission

Our software is compatible with any Windows version (XP or higher).  Perhaps there is a "user permission issue" with the installer.  If possible try contacting contact your IT department and ask for local admin rights.

Suggestion: Try Run as Administrator

Right-click over the installation executable file (*.exe), and select from the menu:  Run as Administrator

Example: "fab3000v8_64_windows.exe"

2. Verify Write Directory

Please make sure to install the software into a folder which you have read/write access, and the default installation location is: 

C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000v8 


C:\Numerical Innovations\ACE3000v8 

Note: Avoid installing to the folder "C:\Program Files" does not because it won't allow write permission.

3. Review Installaware FAQ's

From 2012-2022, we use an installation tool called "Installaware" to perform software installations.  Here's their installation FAQs,

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