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3D Import Options

Scale / Units:

Assign the scale and units for imported 3D file. 

Default: 1.0 millimeter

3D Extraction Method:

Determine how to generate 2D geometries from 3D File.  Generate 2D objects by using surfaces or edges parallel to the 3D Extracted Plane.

Surface Extraction: Generate 2D boundaries using surfaces.

Edge Extraction: Generate 2D boundaries using Edges that interest a parallel plane.

Default: Surface Extraction

Output Type:

Determine what type of objects will be extracted.

Triangles (Fastest):  Use the tessellated triangles resulting from the intersection of the 3d B-Reps and Plane.   Output will appear the same as "Polygon" however the output will be multiple triangles. 

Polygon:  Generate closed polygons (with islands/holes) resulting from the intersection of the 3d B-Reps and Plane, then merge tessellated triangles to form polygons. 

Line:  Generate lines resulting from the intersection of the 3D B-Reps and Plane.

Default: Polygon

Extracted Plane:

Choose which plane will be used to slice and extract the 3D Step design. Many times a 3D file may be oriented to different planes.  If you choose the wrong extraction plane, typically you will end up with a thin rectangle containing multiple overlapping objects.  In this case choose another plane to extract the 3D file.

X-Y Plane (Default):  Extracted plane will be parallel to X-Y plane.  Z coordinate will vary.

X-Z: Extracted plane will be parallel to X-Z plane.  Y coordinate will vary.

Y-Z: Extracted plane will be parallel to Y-Z plane.  X coordinate will vary.

Default: X-Y Plane   

FACE Rendering Quality:

The geometric quality used when computing points on curve.

Default: Medium

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