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OASIS Import Options

Ignore Text:

OASIS text elements are typically used for element information/attribute details and rarely used for graphical conversion; because there is no text height or font information.   When checking this option all OASIS  text elements detected will be ignored.  If imported, the OASIS text elements will use the default Font  and Height (described below).

Default:  Unchecked  

Create a Separate Layer for each Layer/Datatype Pair:

This is useful for engineers who want to keep objects with different layer/datatypes pairs separate during the conversion process .  For example, if your OASIS contains objects on Layer 8 (DataType 0) and objects Layer 8 (DataType 4), ACE will create two unique layers (even though objects have the same layer number). 

Default:  Unchecked

Default  Text Height (micron):

The OASIS format may not have specific details about what height to use text elements.  You can select a default text height to use in microns (um).  When 0, ACE will decide the best text height to use (when undefined).

Default:  0

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