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The last issue I have is with my board outline.

Hey Simon,

I really appreciate your help! I was pretty confused at first, but now I've got everything working (mostly). The last issue I have is with my board outline. The dxf is provided by the manufacturer, and the outline does generate in some form, so I think this is just me being inexperienced with EasyGerb at this point.

         Thanks again for all your help,


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Hello Mike,

Thanks for contacting me.

Typically a separate outline layer is always created in the AutoCAD (usually consisting of entities: 0-width polyline or lines/arcs).

If your AutoCAD drawing does not have a specific border/outline layer, create it, and then perform the conversion using EasyGerb.  You should see an extra Gerber file for your outline layer.

If you do have a dedicated Gerber file with just the outline, I would then ask the manufacturer exactly what they expect for the outline.  Note: It did state a non-critical warning (so I don't believe either way it's a real problem).

Best regards,


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