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I have Numerical Cloud subscription and my EasyGerb timed out after 7-days - Why? I should be able to continue using EasyGerb as long as my subscription is valid.

Thank you for contacting us and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

EasyGerb will automatically run for 7-days (free trial) if a license cannot be found.  Since EasyGerb runs inside AutoCAD - it doesn't have the same access to locate where your Numerical Cloud license exists.  In those cases, you can help EasyGerb locate the folder which contains your Numerical Cloud Subscription license.

Please perform the following:

1. Start EasyGerb (using AutoCAD command: appload).

2. Once EasyGerb dialog is displayed, go to menu:  Help / Verify Numerical Cloud...

If you see the following message, continue with the instructions - below:

Numerical Cloud (Subscription) - NOT ACTIVE.

1. Install and Register FAB 3000 first.  EasyGerb searches for the Numerical Cloud license in the FAB 3000 system registry (which is automatically created during FAB 3000 installation).  In addition FAB 3000 is a valuable Gerber Viewer and Editor used to instantly view your results from EasyGerb.  If needed, you can also use FAB 3000 to directly convert your AutoCAD DWG to Gerber files,

Note:  ACE 3000 can also be installed with the same successful results.

2.  Start FAB 3000, go to menu:  Setup / Options..., and select the tab "Misc."

3.  Copy the directory listed in the option  Numerical Cloud Folder  (this is where your Numerical Cloud license exists)

4.  Go to EasyGerb menu:  File / EasyGerb Settings..., and paste-in the Numerical Cloud Folder.

5. Exit AutoCAD and restart EasyGerb.  

EasyGerb should now be able to located your Numerical Cloud License.

Thanks again, and please let me know your results.

Best regards,


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