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Converting Gerber to G-Code for 3D Printing

ACE Version 8.1+ will import any CAD/EDA file formats (like GDS-II, Gerber, ODB++, DXF), and seamlessly convert to a usable G-Code.   G-code is the most widely used computer numerical control (CNC) programming language and used by most 3D Printers. 

Here's a tutorial movie (no sound) importing a Gerber file and output G-Code:

ACE can incorporate almost any external command-line G-Code generator (Slic3r, Prusa, CuraEngine, etc) which are very mature and have the ability to customize the G-Code output.  The tutorial movie above used Slic3r command-line which can be directly downloaded/installed from their website,    

Available Slic3r command line options,

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