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Can we customize the GUI to specifically meet our needs?

Would be nice to have an easier interface to be able to create your own DFM checker without having to have any AJAX coding knowledge. For example: being able to input what checks are needed and their minimum values as well as selecting what types of outputs I would like to receive would be an amazing improvement to the UI for this software. Or perhaps a webpage hosted on your server that based on a GUI interface will automatically generate the pre-configured HTML file that users could download and use locally?

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CloudDFM is simply a Web API that works in the "background" and processes all data.  It's meant to have the User create their own "GUI" and then communicate with via "webhooks" and "api endpoints" behind the scenes.

It means you have the ability to control the entire GUI appearance (using any web framework you choose), and then communicate with in the background.  This would allow you create a special web page (or site) built specifically for your users that allows them to upload and get back results in a friendly environment that you create. 

Note:  The examples we included in github are just basic GUI's and anyone can improve on them.  The primary purpose of those examples on github is meant to show people how to communicate with CloudDFM in the background.

Need help building a custom GUI?

Contact us directly and let us know specifically what you require.  Our engineering team can help you build the complete front-end Graphical User Interface.  If you're interested, please submit our Custom Software Development request form,

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