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We need to get the final board layer number and board dimension after customer update the gerber file . If CloudDFM can get it ?

Yes, this is called the fabrication report.

With CloudDFM everything is controlled by the Matrix file (*.fm6) that is included in your matrix blob.  To generate a Fabrication report, include the EXPORT_REPORTS array in your matrix file, and use option fabrication_report to generate a text Fabrication report.  You can also use the option fabrication_pdf_report to generate a PDF version of the fabrication report.  For more information about the EXPORT_REPORTS array,

#Generates a Text Fabrication Report






#Generates a PDF Fabrication Report






Note: For best results when generating a Fabriction Report, DFMCHECKER should always be run beforehand to extract PCB minimums, and other details. 

Here's a sample Text Fabrication file:

PCB Fabrication Report - 08/27/2020@13:09

Units: Inch

PCB Dimensions:
Number of Layers: 4
Board Width (in.): 6.74188
Board Height (in.): 5.71189
Drill Count: 1388
Min. Hole size: 23.000
Minimum Trace: 8.000
Minimum Space: 7.80719

PCB Features:
Soldermask (Top): yes
Soldermask (Bottom): yes
Silkscreen (Top): yes
Silkscreen (Bottom): no
Paste (Top): yes
Paste (Bottom): no
Blind/Buried Vias: No

Here's a link to a PDF Fabrication file (includes pricing option from Enterprise Plan):

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