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Converting a COMSOL STEP to Gerber for PCB Manufacturing.

 Our tools (ACE 3000 and FAB 3000) can definitely help get from COMSOL design to PCB - the secret is to get the proper output so we can convert your file.

Here's some suggestions (no specific order):

1. Try using different output settings in COMSOL during STEP export and see if you can get a usable file.    If possible please make it output the STEP file as a realistic model (with proper thickness) and then ACE can extract the STEP file and generate the layers you require.    (you will see a sample STEP image with thickness for the metal areas).

Note:  The thickness is "relative" and really doesn't matter.  When ACE converts a 3D model to 2D, it needs to detect different Z values so it can "create a perpendicular slice" though the 3D model and extract each of the necessary layers you require to fabricate a PCB.

2.  Try exporting each layer separately as an individual STEP file.  Then you can just convert each STEP file one at a time to gerber (thickness won't matter for just a single layer). 

3.  ACE can also import STL files so perhaps try generating the STL files and convert to Gerber.

4.  Lastly , export your design as a 2D PDF (or Postscript).  Yes, ACE can convert any PDF file to Gerber and many universities/companies prefer this approach because of the simplicity.  Here's our guide for converting PDF files to Gerber,

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Always feel free to submit a support ticket and include your sample output from COMSOL - we'll be happy to create a custom tutorial movie showing exactly how to convert your files, 

Best regards,


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