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Large image file (TIF, PNG)


I need to convert large image files (TIF and PNG) to DXF from time to time and I have been unable to do so using your software. Is there a size limit for these types of operations? If so, can we fix that? I included screenshots of the steps I am taking for conversion and the error I get. 

PS the largest image file ive been able to convert was 20k by 20k pixels 


ACE Translator 3000 is best optimized to import 1-bit (monochrome) BITMAPS.  Using any graphic tool, save the PNG and TIFF files a 1-bit Bitmap files.

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Simon Garrison - Applications Manager

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Thank you! This solved the issue. 

stage 1.PNG
(67.2 KB)
stage 2.PNG
(56 KB)
stage 3.PNG
(46.9 KB)
(53.3 KB)
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