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Save your designs as Job files, and then easily create panels with unlimited merged PCB's.

The advantage of the latest FAB 3000 V8 update is that you're able to save your PCB designs as individual job files.  

What are Job Files?  The Job file allows you to save/archive a single design from a workspace, for easy usage/integration into another FAB 3000 workspace.

To Save a design as a Job file, go to menu:  File / Save Job File...

  • A Job file cannot have any hierarchy, so if there are inserts they will be exploded.
  • A Job file must have all layers defined.

Top Open a Job file, go to menu:  File / Open Job File...

  • After importing a Job file, a job tab will be created using the Job file name.

In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to save multiple Job file(s) and then a create a panel with unlimited PCB's.

Here's the Steps to create Job File (i.e 1UP) for each PCB design:

  1. Import your Gerber/Drill files.  Autoload is the easiest for Gerber/NC  (menu: File / Import / Autoload...).  If you have ODB++ or IPC-2581 than load accordingly.
  2. Verify and assign all Layer types.
  3. Create a Border Layer.
  4. Set Origin of Lower Left to 0,0  (this step is optional).
  5. Eliminate any excess layers or outside text that will not be used
  6. Synchronize Layers (optional).  This will give you a uniform name per each layer type -- which simplifies the merging process when creating a panel.
  7. Save Job File.  Make sure to use a name that is easily identifiable later on -- which simplifies the merging process when creating a panel.

Take Automation to the Next Level using Job Files, Matrix Files, and Command-Line:

FAB 3000 already has a rich set of Automation features using Matrix Files and command-line capabilities; and now Job files have been completely incorporated.

To get an idea how the Job file and Matrix works together, start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  File / Import / CAM Matrix...,  and select the matrix file "CreatePanelEmbeddedMatrixandJob.fm6" (located in the FAB 3000 installation folder    C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000V8\examples).  Watch how FAB 3000 loads multiple jobs, creates a panel, and merges the job files - the matrix file very customizable and you can make it do just about anything.  To view what's happening, you can open the Matrix file in a text editor.

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