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I need to convert some Unicode characters from my DXF to Gerber, however those characters do not appear in the completed conversion - why?

I’m sending you a picture of a Greek and English text (see below), to help you understand the way Greek fonts appear.  I think that the links would be helpful, If the text below had fonts which were illegible, but at the picture you can see only lines which makes me think that the program doesn’t understand at all the existence of the Greek fonts.  I hope you can help me with this situation.

Thanks for your consideration

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Thanks for your feedback, and I now understand the issue.

ACE 3000 (and FAB 3000) are ASCII compliant however it does not support Unicode specific characters (like Greek, Arabic, etc.).  If you have AutoCAD (or free tool like Draftsight) I'd recommend that you use the command called "TXTEXP" on those Unicode/Greek characters.  It will convert the Unicode character to simple polylines that can easily be converted by ACE.

Note:  Export DXF as a PDF file.  Using AutoCAD or Draftsight open your DXF and export it as an PDF file.  ACE can easily import any PDF file and convert to any format.  Those unicode characters are embedded in the PDF allowing them to be converted.

Thanks again, an please let me know if that helps.

Best regards,


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