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DXF to Gerber conversion

One problem I have with our current conversion software(ASM501) is that the generated gerber files will have lines and arcs that are extremely close but are not actually connected. I tried a few conversions and some of the different settings but the generated files still have this defect of unconnected lines. In this case the gap between the unconnected lines is .000001 which is almost nothing but when I generate cnc rout files I need these to be connected. It appears the Ace Translator has options for exactly this scenario but I haven't been able to figure out how to make this work to eliminate the gaps. Is there a tutorial for specifically this issue or a set of instructions on the options to use to eliminate this issue?

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ACE includes the option to "Join" all adjacent lines and arcs.  Here's some support topics for ACE:

If these are not helpful, please feel free to send me a sample DXF and I'll be happy to create a tutorial movie showing exactly how to perform the conversion with ACE.

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