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I am currently using the ACE 3000 V7 software and I am have trouble converting a DXF file into an ODB++ file.

When the dxf has been converted, my other software cannot find the data within the converted ODB++ folder. Also I do not see an option to convert dxf to an ASCII file. Can this be done?

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Thanks for contacting me.  If you are evaluating ACE, I would recommend trying our primary product FAB 3000.  It's specifically built for PCB related formats (like ODB++, etc.) and has the ability to import DXF.  Here's a tutorial showing how to import 3 different DXF files into FAB 3000 and then export as one ODB++ file.

If not and you wish to use ACE, what tool are you using to view the data within the converted ODB++?  A good test is to use the free ODB++ Alliance Viewer to verify ODB++ files.

Thanks again, and please let me know your results.

Best regards,


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