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I've just given it a try but upon first attempt it looks like my settings are all wrong, where the exported file is really big and the shapes aren't filled in correctly.

1. Viewing results.  I would highly recommend you use our free tool "DFM Now" to view your resulting Gerber files from EasyGerb.  It can be directly synchronized with EasyGerb so you just need to click the button "View Gerbers" to activate DFM Now! and display your Gerber results.  Here's how:

2.  DXF is unitless, so you need to let EasyGerb know the specific units you wish to use.  For example if you design in AutoCAD using microns, and then tell EasyGerb to use Inches (the resulting file will be huge and have many issues).

Note:  If really big, refers to bytes I would recommend reviewing your DWG.  Just because something is drawn in AutoCAD does not mean it's optimized for Gerber conversion.  Here's a forum link when explains the best techniques to use when converting an AutoCAD Drawing to Gerber.

Note:  I understand it may be a pain at first, but if you understand what objects work best for conversion and use them you will get really great results.  If you wish, feel free to send me your DWG and I'll be happy to provide some feedback.  We have many movie tutorials and examples on the forum regarding fill, and all other aspects.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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