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We use CATIA and need to output to our Gerber Scientific Plotter. Our old plot drivers no longer work. Can ACE help?


First, generate a common CAD file from CATIA (like HPGL, PDF, DXF, DWG) that ACE can convert to GSI Plotter file:
HPGL:   This online document shows how to generate HPGL files from your CATIA software,
PDF:  This online document shows how to export PDF from your CATIA,
DXF/DWG:  This online document shows how to generate DXF or DWG from CATIA,

ACE is a very easy to use Translator tool that convert any CAD file to GSI plotter in 4 steps.   After generating your file from CATIA, perform the following:

Start ACE.

1.  Select the Import Format (choose from HPGL, PDF, DXF, DWG).

2.  For the Export Format - select "Plotter".

3.  Click the button "Next", and select your CAD file to import.

4.  Verify the Import Settings, and press Next.

5.  Verify the Export Settings.  Choose the GSI Plotter you have, and the origin.  Press Next.  

Note:  ACE will now import the file.

6.  Press Next and select the folder where you'd like your GSI Gerber file exported to.

That's it, ACE has converted your file for the GSI Plotter.

Note:  Besides outputting to the GSI plotter, ACE can also convert a wide range of other file formats that your engineering department may find useful.

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