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DXF to GDSII conversion gets stuck. Can you help?

Thank you for the following up. I have downloaded the software and tried. But it seems that                 every time I tried it stuck at some point. Could you help me to see what's the problem? I am not sure if my DXF file is too large (600MB). Could you kindly help me to take a look?

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 Actually your file is fine, however there's a few tricks you can do to speed up the conversion.

1. During DXF Import options, make sure you check the option to Flash Round and Rectangle shapes.  A flash is simply a center point and shape to use can be 1/360 less data than a circle.

2. Your logo is not closed and continuous.  It needs to be cleaned up to properly convert to GDSII.  Please see our DXF       Conversion Guide (section 3),

3. To really speed up your conversions use MInserts in the DXF for shapes that can be Step and Repeated.

Note:  I noticed one hexagon shape placed way out in the lower / right corner of the DXF.  I assume this is a mistake and should be deleted.

Here's a tutorial movie showing me convert your DXF to GDSII using ACE,

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


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