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I’m missing a ‘Back’ button in the final stage of the conversion process. Let me describe the situation.

I need to convert gerber files to DXF. The Gerber files need cleanup before exporting, so I spend a lot of time separating positive/negative layers, selecting items, deleting,… 


When all is finished I can export the DXF file. It happened more than once that I forgot to select all the layers I need and only notice after checking the output data. At that point, there is no way to go back, select a few more layers and redo the export. So effectively, I’ve lost all the work and need to start again from scratch.

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Once the conversion is completed and you're at the final stage, there is no "Back" button, however you can save your work to an ACE 3000 workspace file (*.ace).  This workspace file can be reopened anytime by ACE.

Please perform the following after your conversion is completed:

  1. Press tab "Viewer" (located in the Top/Right of the ACE window). 
  2. Once in the viewer, go to menu:  File / Save ACE Workspace (*.ace). 

Note:  You can save your workspace file (*.ace) anytime while in the Viewer (you don't need to wait until after the conversion is finished).

To Open and use the saved ACE workspace file please perform the following:

  1. Start ACE, and for the "Import Format" choose "ACE Workspace". For export choose DXF (as normal). 
  2. Press Next and select your saved ACE workspace file. 
  3. Once the workspace has been loaded, press tab "Viewer" to edit it again, or simply proceed to export the files again.  

Note:  Many engineers will save the workspace file after each ACE conversion, so they have it available should they later need to make changes or provide the converted files to another manufacturer, engineer, etc.

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