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I need to convert DXF to gerber files RS-274X and nc drill file.

1. Here's the link to our standard guidelines for performing DXF to Gerber conversions that you may find helpful:

2. Your Demo.dxf file looks fine.  However, the lower-left origin is 1750mm (in X), which is not practical for  gerber conversions, so I moved the lower-left closer to the origin.  There were also some small entities that had no relevance in the DXF (so I deleted those).  The goal is to keep the DXF simple to have a successful Gerber conversion.

Here's a tutorial showing me perform these steps:
(1) Edit the DXF as explained above (using Free Draftsight or AutoCAD).
(2) Perform conversion of DXF to Gerber and generate Drill files using ACE 3000.

Note:  To generate an NC Drill file you must have a layer which contains the circles that are the NC Drill.  Then during ACE Gerber Export Options, check the column "Drill", for the layer which has the drill holes.  I couldn't see a drill layer in your drawing so I did not check it.

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Is it compulsory that we should have a layer called ''drill'' in which all the holes are to be  situated for generating the NC drill data?.Why I am asking this question is because we normally create a layer called ""pth"" and assign all the PTH circles to that layer.

Wanted to generate NC data for this layer but I found the information being generated was incomplete.

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