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I have scale problems with DXF Import.

Please remember, DXF files are unit-less so you must tell ACE what DXF units you wish to use.  Here's our guidelines for DXF conversions:

When opening your DXF (in AutoCAD) I measured the extents of 1500 x 1500 which is quite strange so I'm not exactly sure what units to assign. When the DXF is drafted by someone else and units/scale are unknown; there is no exact science.  Typically in my experience units are clearly Inch, Millimeter, or Microns; and many times there will be "text" (in a title block or label) in the DXF describing the units and scale.   In this case I would suggest trying "millimeter" or perhaps using a scale of 0.5 and "millimeter". 

Here's a screen capture showing where to assign the scale and units for DXF Import:

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