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3D STEP export seems slow on large designs. How can I improve this?

What I observed so far is that the translator chokes on large designs. 

But neither CPU nor memory are at their limits…

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You may adjust the default STEP Export settings for both ACE & FAB 3000 to drastically reduce conversion time and file sizes.

  1. Increase "Arc Resolution" from 12 to a higher value such as:  18, 20, 24 or 30.  Determine the highest value that is acceptable to you. 
  2. Increase the "Minimum Line Segment" value.  This will remove any adjacent vertices within the value you assigned.  This will drastically reduce the files sizes.  Determine the highest value that is acceptable to you.

Crop the Design:

Many times only a section of the design needs to be extracted to 3D STEP for analysis and simulation.  If this is the case, use both FAB 3000 and ACE 3000 ( command: Clip Area Wizard.. ) to crop out just the section of the design you require.  This will drastically reduce file sizes and processing time.

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