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Output of metal with holes drilled

 Dear Support,

I'm currently evaluating the ACE Translator 3000.

I plan to use the software to translate Gerber files to STEP.

I successfully translated small Gerber files to STEP already.

I have a special requirement:

The STEP file of one layers Gerber shall include the drills, that means that pads shall have a hole where the drill is.

I found a subtract feature in the editor but had no luck subtracting the drill from the metal layer.

Is it possible to generate STEP output with drilled holes in metal?

Best regards,


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Thanks for your question.  Yes, this is possible and you don't need to use the ACE editor.   During STEP export options make sure to check the option: "Show Holes in Metal Layers".

Important:  Typically most customers who are interested in converting between Gerber and STEP choose our product FAB 3000.  The reason is FAB 3000 is dedicated to Gerber/Drill and has more Gerber related capabilities; while ACE converts between more formats.

Here's a quick tutorial showing me import a Gerber + Drill and them export with holes in the metal layers using FAB 3000:

Note:  Just make sure that you have a Drill files loaded, and that you check the option "Show Holes in Metal Layers".

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