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Merge Overlapping Objects

The "Merge Overlapping Objects" tool seems to be missing from my installation.
The help file still has a section about it and refers to it residing in the "Tools" menu (where it always used to be in v6).

Up until yesterday i was using v7.2.13 with the same problem. I thought this was a problem with that particular installation hence the update to 7.3.9.

Can any other users confirm they have the same omission or is it my particular installation?


The Merge Overlapping objects is called "Convert to Polygon" (because everything is being merged together and outputted as polygons).  You can find this feature in the Viewer menu:  Tools | Convert To | Polygons...
Excellent, thanks.

Think the help file could do with updating to reflect this at the next update?
The Help Manual defines the Convert To Polygon conversion along with step-by-step instructions on Page #196:

Note:  The change from "Merge Overlapping Objects" to Convert to Polygon was made back in 2012 (when ACE 3000 V7 was initially released).
Thanks, but as stated, Page #71 does still refer to Merge Overlapping Objects.
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