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DWG format compatible with AutoCAD 2012?

DWG format compatible with AutoCAD 2012?

I am converting from GDS to DWG, then trying to review the output using AutoCAD's DWG TrueView 2012 without success. Can you recommend a compatible DWG viewer?

Thanks for your question.   I haven't looked into TrueView 2012, but I'm a bit surprised to hear the DWG doesn't load.  Was there any type of error message, or warning?

The DWG generated by ACE 3000 should be compatible with any AutoCAD tool (it should only complain that the DWG wasn't generated from an Autodesk product --- an annoying message purposely placed by Autodesk). 

I would recommend DraftSight:
(it's the best free cad tool I know of).

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