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ACE and Visual viewer differences / convertion error?

ACE and Visual viewer differences / convertion error?


I try to convert GDSII to OASIS. My data are hierachical. When I control the data,
I get different information from the ACE Translator viewer and Visual Chip viewer
( see jpg ACE_view, Visual_view). Some cells are not visibly e.g. cell REFERENZ.
In the tree the cell is inside. When I check the file with K2_viewer all is correct.
But when I convert the OASIS return to GDSII the same files are missing in the GDSII.

What is wrong. Data, hierarchy, tools handling, tool etc.

A 2nd problem I found ( see Image1... and  Image2... ) The letter 7 has different
form, but the data are the same ???

Thanks for using our support forum.

1. I wasn't able to duplicate the transformation display problem in Visual Chip after performing a GDSII to OASIS conversion (using ACE). If possible, please send the converted OASIS file (and any other data) to  and we can immediately analyze the file.  You may also want to download the latest version of Visual Chip from our download page.

2. When composite data (ie. holes inside polygons) is being flattened, it is best to increase the value of "Max Points per Polygon" to a large number like 30000.  This allows ACE to perform quicker and more accurately with less calculation time (ie. ACE does not need to chop up large polygons into smaller ones). To change this value, goto menu: Setup | Preferences..., and click on the tab "Misc."

Note: I would recommend that you perform the "flattening" using the ACE editing tools (located in the ACE Viewer menu:  Tools | Flatten Composite...) before exporting the OASIS file.  This way you are able to verify final results before exporting the OASIS file, plus you have the ability undo and make any additional adjustments if necessary.


now I have uploaded a small example. The last example used customer data and I can not send to you.When I translate from GDS to OASIS in hierarchical mode I get different results in the viewer from ACE, Visual or k2_view from Cadence. I believe, ACE can not handle the normal ASSURA hierarchy.
If I flat the data in ACE, all is OK.

best regards,



I can not upload my example -
Error: Storage limit exceeded.

I send the data to
Hi All,

no answer since 14th. - What is the matter?
I have a couple of designs with the same problem.

best regards

The GDSII/OASIS conversion was updated and corrected on Nov. 20th and incorporated into ACE Translator 2009 which will be released within 1-2 weeks; all customers who have purchased since September 2008 will receive a free upgrade to ACE2009.

Hi All, Hi Simon Garrison

it is a long time ago and now we have time to perform the ACE evaluation.
In the meantime we had a lot of more important things. But now I must see,
with ACE2009 I cannot convert from GDSII to Oasis and return. A new
Add-On is necessary with a extra charge. I have bought ACE in 2008 only for
this conversion.

What is the reason or is this a mistake for XFAB ?

best regards,
Ralf Hörschelmann

If this involves a bug-fix from ACE 2008 that was corrected in 2009, you will receive that add-on module free.  For specific sales or upgrade related inquiries please contact sales or Simon Garrison directly for more assistance. 

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