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DXF to high resolution Bitmap (4000 per millimeter density). The final Cropped Bitmap Height is fine, however the width is 1 pixel off. Can you help?

Here here is a 10mm x 10mm filled circle.

Bitmap final size: 191.06 MB  ---   X Pixels: 40000   Y Pixels: 40000   

Note:  I believe the primary problem you are experiencing is the arc resolution (for your outer circle). Since you are converting from DXF -- remember each circle must be broken down into a series of points mapping the outline of the circle.  The more points you allow on a circle, the more accurate the final circle will become.  In my sample above I choose: 2000 Points per circle - the default is 360.  Rather than set Arc Resolution to 2000 Points per 360 degrees.  You would be better setting the Arc precision to a tolerance you prefer.  This way small circles will not have 2000 points (which would be unnecessary).  See my screen capture for more details:

To permanently avoid this problem (if image alignment must be 100% accurate) --  add at least two square fiducials on opposite ends of the design (for every layer).  This is done for silicon wafer manufacturing, and will insure every image aligns 100% - see my sample DXF.

Thanks again, and hope it helps.

Best regards,
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