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After converting my DXF to Gerber and Drill, the Drill does not load to correct scale when I import back into ACE. Am I doing anything wrong?

Your DXF conversion was successful, and your Gerber and drill files are outputted correctly.

The format of your Drill file is:  3.5, Metric, Leading Zeros.

Note:  If possible take a look at your drill file in a text editor.  You will see long X and Y coordinates with no indication where the decimal point should be placed.  Why? Drill files are very limited and do not contain any reference where the decimal place should be (like Gerber and other formats).  ACE is simply guessing where the decimal place should be - for best results view your Gerber and Drill in a CAM tool or Gerber viewer.

Here's a quick tutorial (no sound) showing me correctly import your Gerber/Drill into FAB 3000 (included with our Numerical Cloud).

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any other questions.
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