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I'm trying to import a drill file (attached) that is English 2,4 digits. I can only get close to the expected results by importing it as a metric.

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>>>  NC Drill files do not contain anything in the header about the integer and decimal digits used for all X,Y coordinates.  About 90% of the time, the operator doesn't know the Drill digits either; so it's up to the CAM or Conversion software to determine the scale units.  Typically ACE will align the drill with the accompanying Gerber files (which are also imported) to help determine what scale to use.   

Note:  If you have both Gerbers and Drill just choose the ACE import format "Gerber", and then select all Gerber files plus Drill.  This will allow ACE to align the Drill again the Gerber during import.


We have updated ACE to no longer perform any scale adjustments for Drill and rely on user input.  We should have an update of ACE available later this week.  Please make sure to subscribe to the ACE Update feed to be instantly notified when the new update is available:

Note:  If you are regularly working with Drills, etc. I would recommend checking out FAB 3000 (professional CAM).  It is specifically built for loading, editing, and scaling drills, gerbers, etc.; plus full NC Editor, DFM Checks, Panelization, Sorting, and much more.
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